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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Maybe I Should Just Stay Inside

I try to avoid Estes Park this time of year.  Lots of people milling around making it hard to run errands.  Particularly on the weekends.  But sometimes we run out of something and have to make a quick run into town.

Today we ran out of cottage cheese, syrup, oranges, and beer.  Okay, that's pretty much a crisis to me, so I braved town and went to the brewery.  Then I figured as long as I was in town I'd get the other stuff, too.

I hit the grocery store and drove around the parking lot for a while, wishing Juanita was with me and still had bad hip joints.  That handicap parking tag was GREAT!  Finally got parked and scuttled into the store.


They were out of the normal sized shopping carts, and only had these odd little units that were about 1/4 sized.  I stuck the few items I needed into the tiny thing, and headed to checkout.  While standing in line, I was looking down at my toy cart and blurted "Damn.  I feel like I should have my baby dolly in here."

It was at that moment I noticed a 275 pound biker dude in line behind me.  He looked down at my cute little undersized grocery cart.  Then he slowly looked down and appraised his own pint-sized cart.  When he looked down at me a moment later, he spoke with a chill in his voice........

"I hear you, buddy."



  1. Ha! That's priceless!

    Having been none of those tourists years ago, i hear you. It really gets crazy!

  2. Haha! Way funny! Love the stick drawing, too.

  3. So funny! And the drawing is the best!!

  4. LOL Aww man Bill, you mean you did not take Dolly with you for her outing?? ;)

    Stay sane!! Or at least hold onto what is left of your sanity from the never ending damn winter!

  5. That was very funny--thanks for the laugh. I've been there with the little carts--so I can relate. Keep those illustrations coming!

  6. Oh Bill... Oh Bill...

    First rule in Funny Man Survival - always be aware of your surroundings ;)

    I am loving this! And YAY for your pictures!

    Umm... when are we gonna get to work on the zombie ones I was hoping to commission? ;)

  7. That is just priceless! I hear you - living in the last town before vacationers make the trek to Mount Rainier. I hate going to town on the weekends and try to avoid it if possible. Thanks for putting a big old grin on this face! :)

  8. Bill, he might have been a 275 pound biker dude, but if he was riding a Mo-ped there is a logical reason the HE was pushing an undersized grocery cart.....*snicker*

    just saying....

  9. I love those little carts. I can zip in an out of all the pokey people (who obviously have NOTHING else better to do than putter around in the grocery store) and even when I stuff them to overflowing (list, what list?), nobody really seems to notice when I slip into the express line...cause it's one of those little carts, ya know. ;-)

    Megan and I can attest to the fact that they are not nearly as useful for cart races in the parking lot though (rolls eyes innocently).


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