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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bionic Cowgirl's Getting More Bionic

Just talked to Bill.  They were out on a ride with a friend and her horse.  They stopped for a picnic and two of the horses started tussling.  Mom, unfortunately, got caught in the middle and shattered her arm (she got lucky, because apparently she's got a graze to the face).

Since they were all prepared, there was a first aid kit with them that they could fashion a splint, pack her arm/elbow in ice and get her mounted back up for the five mile ride back to where she could get in a vehicle to go to the hospital.

The Bionic Cowgirl is one of the physically toughest people I know.  I can't imagine having to re-mount, ride and dismount (apparently that was the worst) and then go to the hospital.

Because of her new hip, they have to do surgery within six hours of the accident to avoid infection moving throughout her body.  She's being wheeled into surgery as I type.

We'll keep you updated.

2:47 p.m. update:  Talked to Bill again.  It was a compound fracture - the bone broke through the skin - which is why they are so worried about infection.  Took an hour and a half to ride back out from their picnic spot.  I'm assuming (being in medicine and all) that they've started her on IV antibiotics already to decrease the chance of infection.


  1. Oh my gosh. 5 miles back? That had to have hurt. What an incredible woman. I'll be saying a prayer for her right now. I hope she's back home soon.

  2. Nope. No more Bionic Cowgirl name. Now she is the Six Million Dollar Cowgirl.

    Heal up QUICK Juanita! You know the Lodge can't run with out you! ;) Knee mail for you non-stop from our corner of the swamp!

  3. Oh man! I really hate reading about this kind of thing.

    Sending healing thoughts to the family. Dang it!

    Thanks for sharing the news.

  4. May we all strive to be as tough as your mom, GD! Wow!

  5. Holy crap! Bless her heart, but she is a trooper! Sending good vibes her way!


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