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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dry or Soggy

Food.  I prefer it with texture.

Bread pudding=not food.

Potato skins=food.
Mashed potatoes=not food.

I open the packages of "Peeps" several weeks before Easter so they will be edible by Easter.

My horse agrees with me.  When we have leftover pancakes or waffles after feeding our guests, we toss the breads on the griddle to dry out for the day.  They turn into very crisp horse treats.

One time, we tried to give the horses "fresh" pancakes.  Ranger took a bite, opened his mouth letting the food fall, and said "It's not ripe".  He wouldn't eat it.

I understand, buddy.

Now I'm going to make myself a hot chocolate and top it with a hand full of "harsh mallows".  It takes weeks for them to get ripe, too.




  1. I'm not sure I can follow you anymore. Peeps? Seriously? Not only do you have them in your house but you e.a.t. them?

  2. They just have to be super crunchy. Like a bird shaped brick.



  3. I thought Peeps were horse treats?

    Also what's the point in dehydrating your marshmallows - they just melt in the hot chocolate anyway? dammit bill, now I want hot chocolate! fffffff

  4. Ummmm !!!!


    Mashed potatoes=not food????????


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