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Monday, February 6, 2012

How to Build a Snow Mountain

Let's just say that you will need ample snow... and a sufficiently ample tool.
Get ready ...
Get set ...


And LIFT .....
Again ...
Another pass .... you get the idea.
Finished product:  Mt. Park Inglot


  1. That's taller than Dorothy's cabin! You gotta get the kids (meaning Nebalee's) up there to sled it. How much fun would that be?

  2. We're missing one key ingredient, thank you--we hope to keep it that way!

  3. Holy Toledo Ohio...only not in that state. Wow. I could so build a snow castle. Finally...the way I could be a queen! LOL

  4. Well, we've added a few more inches; the parking area needs plowing again. No, wait, the wind just might blow some away as usual! The kids will be up Sunday so I suspect the 'hill' will get put to good use.


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