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Friday, February 3, 2012

Snow Day Play?

Usually when I enter the hay shed, I have to step UP a foot to get on the platform; tonight I had to step down.

It's less than 24 hours since the horses were running around on dry dirt, rolling and doing horsey stuff.  We now have a boat load of snow on the ground; hip deep on me and I'm not particularly short.  Bill looked out the window today and said the grays were running around in the snow.  I guess they just weren't going to let a little snow get in their way.  Wish I could feel the same way about it, but it is a lot easier getting around inside the corral where they keep it trampled down, instead of outside, even though it is pristine and pretty.
Their new shed:  do they use it?  Heck, NO!  Those white spots are the snowflakes still coming down.
Any of you HCR people remember the front yard of the Livery across the street?
This hitch rail is probably not going to do us a lot of good right now.  Mrs. Mom, can we come ride at your house?
Compass' car before she shoveled it out - THIS MORNING!
Outside one of our room windows; it really is pretty.
Yesterday - before snow; about the only action shot we could get and I'm sure you can all identify with this!



  1. Gotta love Colorado!

    Beautiful blue skies one day, feet of snow the next.

  2. That shed sure makes you feel better, I bet. Every time I find my idiot standing butt-first in a blinding snowstorm, I'm just grateful she has a shed to avoid.

  3. We didn't get a single flake of snow or a drop of rain. It was 50 freaking degrees today...Ugghhhh! I should have just left when I planned on it and I would have missed everything. Now they are saying my mom's area isn't going to get any moisture either. Phewy!

  4. Sure, load up (when you can find your trailer again) and head this way!! Winter is still only kinda thinking about coming here. Come on and play!!

  5. Wow..don't send any our way! We have sunshine and dry ground. I like it that way! My horses are the same way about barns and sheds. What a waste of money!

  6. I DO love the fact that it makes US feel better knowing we have been good, providing parents to our horsey partners!

  7. Hope Beel gets feeling better ;) That is a lot of snow in a day LOL I'm thankful for you that you didn't get our ice storm to go with it...we are still cleaning up the mess..

    Be careful out there and keep bundled up....

  8. Yikes. I knew you guys got hit hard, but I didn't know how you got hit up in the high country. Need a big snow blower. Too bad you can't capitalize on what to do with snow. I got it! SNOW CONES for everyone. Yippee!

    Just think..maybe you could sell snowmen to people in Arizona. Hmmm. Now that's an idea.

    Love you guys! Stay safe! and warm.

  9. Your place is pretty much beautiful in every season, isn't it? Wow!

    We got 17" overnight - but goshdarn, it came with broken trees and a week without power. Not really fair, ha ha!

    Love the action shot the day before!


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