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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Biggest Little Parade in Colorado

This is it!  Time for the 4th of July Parade!  The prep is almost as much fun as actually riding.  First you get washed up, then you get your hair done.
This is a horse that doesn't like her mane braided - napping while getting a 'weave'.  She DOES love to get prettied up for the 4th each year; it's like she knows how important it is.
It took the two girls about an hour to do the two horses; good thing there were two girls for two horses.
Estes - hair done - five rows and a lot of patience.
Jesse - who has a humongously thick mane - got seven rows.
Next you get your makeup done - what a gem of a starburst for the right hip (a few small flowers for the other side).  Officially be-dazzled!

GunDiva's fashionista at work on Jesse's design.  Don't you just love the tail bows?
Ready and waiting; all hearts and stars....
... and flowers and swirls.  Estes just gets a pad 'cause it doesn't rub the sore spots from that Ranger horse.
Ranger peeking through the jail rails; watching the parade.
We had A classic car ...
... those pesky llamas from down the street... (is that one hosting a rider?)
... brought a big city band in (Estes Park Village Band) ...
... a trailer load of singers ... (Jess and I got a real closeup of these on the way home from the parade.  They decided to pass the contingency of horses, so we all stood still and stared at them on the way by.  They finally waved at us.)
... our horse buddies from across the street at the livery .... oooooh, we have an Indian maiden, a couple cowboys, a young rustler, a packer and a revolutionary flag carrier....
... of course, GunDiva on Estes and me on Jesse, struttin' our stuff (should have had pictures of them on the way home; they were wound up and dancing up a storm!) ....
... you have to have a good support vehicle (the GunDiva's dressed up Soul - see the gun decals under the mirror?) ...
... what's a parade without fire trucks?   new -
... and old ...
... if you didn't have a horse or car, you hitched a ride on one of many local tractors .... (this is one of our local horse trainers driving, complete with chaps and cowboy hat - and a huge grin you can't see)
... we start them young up here ....
... and end up tired and sweaty from dancing the mile and a half home.

Hope you all enjoyed the parade - and had a great 4th of July!!!
Bionic Cowgirl


  1. Love it! Love those manes. Beautiful!! Poor Ranger, he could have come if he hadn't been a jerk.

  2. Wonderful! Beauty of a mane job, there! Of course, you girls were the bellas of the ball...or Parade Queens!

  3. Fantastic~! I LOVE a PARADE! Wanted to ride Farah in the Darrington parade, but husband wasn't "into" it. NEXT year for sure! The manes are SO Beautiful!

  4. :o I had no idea you could ride a llama. I take it back, they're not totally useless.

    The horses look AMAZING! Gotta hit yall up for bedazzling tips for Halloween!

  5. We had a great time, but before any of you do this to your horse, beware that it takes almost as long to get all those rubber bands out of the mane!!!

  6. This is what I love about small towns. There's no one there to watch the parade because you're all in it.

  7. I adore the mane do-ups! My Kona would stand for it... but it would be bombs away if I dared approach with those tail bows!

    I love your parade pictures every year - it looks like complete fun!

  8. Gosh those manes are pretty. Reminds me of when my daughter was young and wanted a French Braid that her grandmother could do but not Ten Thumbs. That's my Cherokee name. Do those kids rent out? Not sure how long Deegan would last standing still though Really love the whole thing.



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