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Friday, July 13, 2012

People Food

This is Ranger.  The horse.

A lot of summers ago, when I had only been caught for a couple of winters, I did not know how good the people food was.  I only knew about grass and weeds and stuff.  I would not eat any other things.

One time Beel and Waneeta cut up "carrots" into small bites and put them on my hay.  I and my friend Shadow tooked all of them off of the hay and spit them onto the ground and walked on them.

One time Beel and Waneeta poured "grain" on our flakes of hay on the ground.  I pawed all of it off of my hay, and then I pushed Shadow out of the way and pawed all of it off of HIS flake, too.  "They are trying to poison us." I telled Shadow.

One time Beel cut some "apple" skins real thin, like grass.  He put the "apple" with real grass and handed it to me.  I very carefully worked all of the "apple" out of my mouth and spit it on the ground.

One of the people neighbors had something they called a "grand-daughter" that was staying with them for the summer.  She was very short, and only came up to my knee.  She must have been borned just that day, because she could barely walk.

They called her like a national park.  I think it was "Yellowstone".  Her sisters are "Zion", "Arches" and "Capitol Reef", or something.

She came by every day with a little bag of carrots, to feed the "wild horse", whoever that was.  But she always tried to give them to me.  I would not eat them, but I would smell them.

One day I tried one.

Good.  Good.  Good.   GOOD!

My top lip covered my nose so I could taste it even better.

Good, good, good!

I only ate a few, cause you can get a belly-ache if you eat too much strange food.  The next day I ate more, because I had not had a belly-ache.  I still would not eat people food from Beel for a long time.  He is not very cute.

LOTS of summers have gone by now, and Yellowstone came back before the last dark to give me "carrots".  Beel tooked me out of the corral and let Yellowstone ride on my back.  She is more like a people yearling now, even though it has been MANY summers.  There must be something wrong with her.  She should be old now.

She sayed she was happy and liked the ride.

I was happy, too.

She brung more "carrots".

Ranger.  The horse.


  1. LOL. Love it. Somehow it scares me seem a lot like getting into the mind of Beel. Just a warning. The people food is converting you. :)

    1. One of the peoples at the livery next door sayed "Ranger has gone over to the dark side."

      Is that mean?


  2. Oh Ranger. You are so lucky to have met Yellowstone. I am glad you tried the carrots. And don't worry about Yellowstone. She is perfectly healthy for a woman.

  3. Ranger people foals don't age as fast as horse foals. Yellowstone's right on track, you don't need to worry about her.

  4. Beel telled me that she was 3 summers old when I first saw her. She could not run as fast as a squirrel. How do peoples not all get eaten by coyotes?

    You must not get enough grass in your meals.


  5. Awww, Ranger, thanks for sharing your People Food story with us. Yellowstone sure seems very nice. And you're nice for giving her a ride, too.
    Ranger, you should talk to my mare Apache about Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwiches. When she takes me for a long trail ride, Apache insists that I always make an extra PB&H for her, too. :)


    1. When Beel takes me for long walks, he eats peanut-butter and Tabasco on a tortilla.

      I always tell him I REEALLY want a bite.

      He says "No buddy, you REEALLY don't".

      He is selfish.


  6. Hmmm, peanut butter & TABASCO? Who thought that up? I can't wait to try it!

  7. Glad you finally gave the good stuff a try... and liked it!

  8. How did I miss your post, ranger? You did good. You made me smile

  9. Ranger...

    You reeeelly don't want a bite. Trust me on this one.

    Love your stories!


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