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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


B-   Hey Ranger!  I haven't had a chance to hang with you for a couple days.  Lets go for a quick ride around the neighborhood.

R-  Okay, Beel.

B- I don't have a halter, but I've ridden you around the corral with a loop of twine around your neck.  Let's see how it works out of the corral.

R-  Okay, Beel.

B-  Let's trot up the road to the post office and back.

R-  Okay, Beel.

B-  That went very well.  Lets try it again.

R-  Okay, Beel.

B-  One more time!

R-  Okay, Beel.

B-  Alrighty, now let's go up and stop at the corner.

R-  No, Beel.

B-  I said we are stopping at the corner, Ranger.

R-  No, Beel.  It is time to go home.

B-  I said stop here.

R-  No, Beel.  We are doing dumb stuff over and over.

B-  Stop...stop...whoa...halt...alto...QUIT MOVING YOU JERK.

R-  No, Beel.  Suddenly I can not remember what the twine around my neck means.

B-  Okay you nit.  We're back in the parking lot.

R-  Good.  Now we can go home.

B-  How 'bout if we just stand here until my hands quit bleeding.

R-  Okay, Beel.

B-  So, why the big hurry to get back here to the lodge, you moron?

R-  I knew you were very confused, and I hoped if I took you home, you would remember what we were doing.  You know, when we were NOT running up and down the street like crazy dogs.

B-  What?!?

R-  You had lost your mind.  I taked you back to the last place you had it so you could find it.

B-  It was a TRAINING ride you turd.

R-  Yes.  And I hope you learned something.

B-  I did.  I learned not to ride you with a piece of twine around your neck unless I have a BIG STICK to hit you with.

R-  You are mean.

B- You're disobedient.

R- Hmmmph.

B-  Hmmmph.

R-  Say Beel, can we go to the mountain tomorrow?

B-  Sounds good.  The daughter is coming up to ride Estes.  I'm going to use a halter, though.

R-  It will not help if you lose you mind again, you  know.

B-  Yeah, you're probably right.  Sleep well, buddy.

R-  Okay, Beel.


  1. Ha ha ha ha, thanks for the giggle. Hope the next ride is a little more cooperative for you both. Oh, and thanks for turning off the word veri, very annoying...:-)

  2. Loved this post!!!!! Ranger, you are kind to a fault, worrying about Beel's mind and all.

  3. Love that Ranger. What a good horse to take such care & be so understanding.

  4. These conversations are the best!!! Got a great belly laugh out of this one. Thanks.

  5. Such a rational horse. We should run him for office.

  6. HA HA HA HA HA HA Oh I adore you both! I cannot wait to hug you both in person!


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