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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Barely Made It

We had an hour to kill this afternoon.

Juanita and I finished the chores around the lodge, and had some time before the next guests came in.  "Let's take the greys bareback around the block." says Juanita.  "Sure. Sounds good." I say, and away we go, riding off on our towels to keep our jeans clean.

No cameras.  We are just going around the block.  Okay, it's about a mile and a half around "the block", but still, why bother.  We're in town (such as it is) the whole way.

A little over a half mile from home, both horses stopped and stared up the hill beside us.   "What you see, Washoe?"  I asked.  Then I saw it.  A big black dog about 30  feet from us, running in the same direction as we were going.  Paralleling us.

Oops, not a big dog.  A small bear.  Crap.  Where is the big bear.

Oh-ho, that is what Jesse had spotted.  The adult bear.  And the OTHER cub.

I know the big bear was a female, because she was looking alert and concerned, where as a father out with a set of twins would look harried and bewildered.  And maybe a little scared.

We were between the mom and her cub, even if off to one side, so I hollered at Juanita and we turned back and went back down the road 30 feet or so, so we were no longer between them, and turned to look.

The first cub had crossed to the road by this time, and soon the second cub got there and stopped in the middle of the road about 60 feet away to stare back at us.  It looked for all the world like he was about to come up and investigate us closer, when Juanita hollered "Git!  Go on!"  He looked shocked and then ran away from the strange two headed horse that barked at him.

Mom quickly followed across the road and down the hill on the other side, while keeping a wary eye on us.  We waited a minute, and then continued our walk.

Pretty soon, a mini-van pulled up next to us and the guy said out his window "Well, it looked like your horses weren't too worried about the bears."

I told him "I think I was more concerned than THEY were."

The towel didn't keep my pants clean.



  1. Great story, made me smile :) You have grand adventures up there!

  2. Oh. My. Goodness.
    I love that you got between a mother bear and her cubs, went down the road a bit, and then stopped and turned around to look.

  3. Phew! That could've gone real bad, real fast. I'm glad you kept your wits about you and got out of the way and I am really glad the greys maintained their cool. Sorry about the pants...

  4. Scary encounter. It figures it would happen when you are out for a quick spin. All those long rides you have in the mountains, and it ends up happening in town.

  5. Wonderful!!! Bill, you always make me smile

  6. Glad glad everyone is ok (except the towel)...

  7. Oy! That made me nervous the whole time (especially with that terrifying picture!)

    And of course, your scenario is exactly what I was picturing in my head the whole time after the van got a flat. I just *knew* we and Tel were going to run into some crazy bear at night! hee hee!

    Glad you guys were safe! Thanks to that two-headed horse!


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