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Friday, September 21, 2012

Recipe of the Month: Camper's Cranberry Cobbler

This recipe can actually be made in an iron skillet over a campfire - or so they say.  I have done it on top of the stove and in the oven in an iron skillet.  Now, I just bake it in a 9" pie pan in the oven, for the same amount of time.  I cut this out of a magazine many moons ago; don't even remember the magazine, but I cannot take credit for it.  It just sounded like fun when I saw it!

Camper's Cranberry Cobbler
     1 c. water
     3/4 c. sugar
     2 c. cranberries
     Boil water and sugar for 5 minutes.  Add cranberries; cook uncovered until they burst (approx. 7 minutes at our altitude). Remove from heat.
     1 teas. cornstarch
     1 tablespn lemon juice
     1 tablespn whiskey 
     Stir well.

Sweet  biscuit mix:
     1 c. flour
     1/4 c. sugar
     2 tablespn powdered milk
     1/4 teas. salt
     Combine dry ingredients.
     Cut in 1/3 c. shortening or lard.
     Mix with 1/3 c. water until moist and smooth.

Grease frying pan or pot.  Pat the dough into the bottom, forming a shallow bowl.  Pour in berry mix.  Cook over low heat until dough is cakelike - about 25 minutes.  (I bake it in the oven at 350* for about 25 minutes.)  This is a very cheery dish for the holidays.
Tip:  the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas seems to be the only time I can find fresh cranberries, so I buy many bags and toss them in the freezer, then use them in any fruit dish that needs a little color.
Bionic Cowgirl


  1. Sounds very good! I'll try this one. Thanks. And tell Ranger and Beel to stay out of trouble/

  2. Mmm! I will try this. Probably add some apples from my apple trees, too. I'm a fly from the seat of my pants sort or person when it comes to recipes.....Speaking of which, do you think this recipe would still turn out ok, if I used 1 T of water and 1 cup of whiskey instead? ;)


  3. If I tell Ranger and Beel to stay out of trouble, all my fun will go away!

    Apples would be great in this. After all, I toss cranberries in all my apple dishes. Oh - and try different kinds of whiskey for different flavors.

  4. Looks great, I will be making it this Thanksgiving.

  5. You can't be putting these things on your blog. I am slobbering and I have several days left for a visit. I can't take it! You are torturing me!

  6. Waitaminute... did I miss Momma Fargo??!?!

    And I love love love your cooking - this post just makes me drool to get back there!


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