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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Couple Days O'Freedom

Well, the horses have been loose on the mountain for a couple days now.  So today after our guests left, we went out to check up on them.
  Washoe met us at the gate, and the rest were right behind him.

All seemed to be okay.

After a couple bites of apple and some dried pancakes most wandered off.
Except for Jesse.

She seemed to have something to say to us before we left.

I think I've been insulted.



  1. That last one is hilarious! You need to copyright it and make t-shirts like my Grumpy Cat friend does. That picture is PERFECT!

  2. Did you put peanut butter on those pancakes?

    Great shots! Glad everyone's OK

  3. Oh my! That was a mouthful! Too funny!



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