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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Now That Christmas Is Over

I can *finally* share my bestest Christmas present ever.

Not for me, one I made for Beel.

Back in September, Rachel did a post/give-away from Atticus and Cole.  I loved looking through the embroidered pictures and a plan began to form in my head, so I dragged Jay along to the fabric store and I bought all the stuff I would need. If Atticus and Cole could do a piece based in Itty Bit's art, certainly I could figure out how to do some of my favorite of Bill's "fine art".

It has literally been twenty years or so since I've attempted any embroidery and I had to buy all new stuff.  I didn't even think to ask Mom, who has drawers full of floss and hoops and needles and stuff.  I am such an idiot sometimes.

I went through and picked three of my favorites and got started.  I'm hardly an artist, and getting Bill's art from the computer was a problem.  Luckily, I'm married to an artist, who did a great job of forging Bill's work onto the cloth.

Along the way, I sent pictures to Rachel, since she was the one who gave me the idea.  It's a good thing I did, too, because she was thinking along the same lines.  I owe her a big apology for stealing her Christmas idea for Bill.  Oops.  Sorry, Rach. 

I started on this one:

Bill is was notorious for falling off of Ranger
while trying to take pictures.

Lucky for me, Mom and Beel went on vacation and my favorite story ever occurred.  As Mom was telling me about Ranger jumping into Beel's arms, I could picture this:

I told Mom that Bill had to illustrate his post so that I could do this:

By this time, I was pretty much over embroidery, but I still had one more bar towel to do, so I took a couple of Ranger faces as a start and morphed it into Ranger's favorite thing:

There is a video somewhere of Beel opening his present.  Jay and I couldn't be there because we were being quarantied for influenza A over Christmas.  Mr Nebalee took the video, but Facebook isn't being very nice and I can't see it.  If I can't see it, I can't steal it to post.  Which is a bummer, because I've been told it was good.



    You can never have enough shop towels. I can't wait for my next oil change!


  2. I want one! That is really a great gift. I hope you can get the video to work.

  3. What a great idea - and so well executed!
    A fitting tribute to Bill's fantastic cartoons :)

  4. Video! Video! Video!

    Oh Beel... you have NO IDEA how hard it was to keep the squealing down when GunDiva showed me the first one getting stitched! I was totally giving myself a stroke trying to stay quiet while hysterically laughing in mime.

    GunDiva... you are the best. Cheers!

    (And thank YOU for drawing out MY awesomest Christmas present!!!)


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