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Monday, November 4, 2013

Got the Time?

It's been several days now, and he is STILL not happy.

Ranger the horse is not pleased by the games we people play with his feeding times.  Okay, he doesn't much mind the spring time change where he gets fed an hour early, but this fall crap is for the birds.

Jesse and Washoe are comparatively ambivalent about feeding times.  They are just very interested when it happens.  But Ranger gets p!$$ed off.  And he tells EVERYONE IN THE AREA about it.

As  a mustang, he was responsible for finding his own food.  All of the time.  And if the food supply got low, it was time to move on and find some more.  Now.  Right now.  Otherwise, one starves.  It's the way it works in the wild.  Even now, if we plan on adding an extra horse into his herd, we need to remember to over feed them all for a couple days beforehand, or he will try to chase the interloper out because there is BARELY ENOUGH FOOD FOR THE ONES HERE NOW.

As a wrangler told us several years ago, Ranger has now gone over the the dark side.  He pretty much excepts all of the junk that goes with being a domestic, but for that, he requires regular feedings.  Like clockwork.  No exceptions.  IT"S IN THE CONTRACT.

So, for the last couple days since we went off daylight savings time, he's been screaming bloody murder for an hour before the food shows up.

Not happy at all.

Sophie the lodge dog is none to thrilled, either.



  1. It's been less than 48 hours since the time change, Ranger. You poor abused horse, you.

  2. I agree with Ranger, mealtimes should be on time! LOL

    1. I suppose you are right. I get angry when I'm hungry, too.

      What's that called? Hangry?

  3. Poor Ranger - it's really hard when you're the only one paying attention to important details!

    My guy (tb) is also not happy with changing the chow time. Hissy fit + squeals...

  4. I bet Ranger would tell us how he is being starved and how the other horses aren't even helping him make his point. Poor boy, I hope he don't fade away to nothing waiting a whole hour for his food.

  5. Poor guy! Does this happen at every time change?

  6. I agree! The time change sucks! I hope he adjusts to it soon. :)


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