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Friday, March 14, 2014

Almost Spring Spa Day

The skies were blue.
Actual Picture of Blue Sky  (I wonder what I was TRYING to get a shot of) 
The horses were very itchy and fuzzy and losing their winter coats.
You really can't see the mat of loose hair on these horses in these pics.        

Every one pushed in for a good brushing.

 Washoe had a good set of "dreads" going.  Juanita got them out.  Mostly.

By the time we were done, we had quite the field of hair.  I'm sure the birds in the area will be delighted.
Drop something, Washoe?

How embarrassing.  It's like a rabbit exploded.

Another good day rubbing the hair off of the horses.



  1. "Rabbit exploded"....snort.....giggle.....BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

    1. A couple of weeks ago, I was in Colorado Springs with our youngest daughter and 2 of her kids. The 5 year old found a large pile of feathers where a cat had obviously eaten a fairly large bird.

      "What is this, Papa?"

      "It was a bird, kid. I think it must have eaten too much and popped."

      My grand kids are perfectly aware, at a very early age, that I am full of $#!t.


  2. That last picture made me do a double-take. Estes isn't in with them any more! Then I realized it was Audubon, not Estes. (Not sad memory, though, just an "oh yeah" memory.)


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