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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Corral Inspection

The horses are still down on winter pasture at the base of the mountains.  Eating grass.  Sleeping in the sun.  Being lazy.

It's driving us nuts.

We looked over their corral a bit to see how long we will need to wait for enough snow to melt off so we can bring them back up here.

The hay we bought and stacked last season seems to still be tarped and dry.
Hay Okay

The corral itself has some clear ground.

And some drifts.

But the most interesting find was this.

Those are moose droppings next to my size 11's.

Man, is Ranger going to be pissed.



  1. Sooo, Moose poop like deer poop but, BIGGER. LOL very interesting. Ranger will be snorting over that for sure.


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