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Monday, August 11, 2014

8120 - Alias The Red-headed Step Child

Well, we have now become a five mustang family!  JayBird, GunDiva's husband picked out was chosen by his Mustang at the Canon City facility last Friday.  We have been so busy here at the Lodge, I haven't had time to get this all down - but I had a great time with them... It was so exciting getting to see all the beautiful horses and the setup.  It is a fantastic facility!  They really do a great job there.

We arrived right on time and were taken in a bus (after all the sign-in process to make sure we would be safe) to the pens - about 40 of them, each with close to 100 horses a piece.  The horses weren't crowded; these were big pens, and extremely well organized.  He had in mind what he wanted, and a list of horses he had seen on a website I didn't even know existed.  He had numbers in hand but had a very open mind about what he saw.  We were led to the pens holding the horses he wanted to see:  geldings aged 2 - 5 years old.  He looked and watched; the rest of us stood and got fondled by all the horses.  They are very friendly.  Obviously this way of doing adoptions is a great start to the gentling process, because the horses became familiar with having people near them, touching them, talking to them - in a safe location.  It was a lot of fun!  I kept saying I was glad I was not adopting because I would never have been able to make up my mind on the first visit.  In every pen, several horses would 'pick us out' and follow us around.  It would have been really, really hard to pick a 'bad' horse.  They all look healthy and in good shape.

I'm very glad that JayBird and Copper picked each other, because they just glow when they are together.  Welcome to the family Copper Casanova!  Pop over here and see the new beauty.

And a really big THANK YOU to my wonderful husband for letting me run away from the lodge for the day, so I could enjoy all the horses and the company of GunDiva, Jay and Jay's mom.
Bionic Cowgirl


The prison facility doesn't allow photographs without special permission, so I found a picture on line of an 8120 to post.
 Not at all what I pictured him getting. (Bill)

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