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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Hard to Get

B-  Hey Ranger!  How's the old horse doing?


B-  Ranger?  What's up buddy?


B-  Aww, come on fella.  I've been really busy the last week or so, so I haven't been able to come talk with you.  Don't just turn your back on me.  We've been hard at work over at the lodge.


B-  What can I do for you so you'll forgive me?

R-  Shoe-gar kyoob.

B-  Okay buddy, you've got it.  Next time I come over I'll bring you a sugar cube.

R-  Hi Beel.

B-  Good.  Let me rub you head some.

R-  Okay Beel.  That is good to feel.

B-  Let me scratch your ears now.

R-  Do not touch my ears Beel.

B-  No, really you'll like it.  You always do once I start.

R-  Do not touch my ears Beel.

B-  Here we go.  Now stop pulling away...hold still...stop that...

R-  Do not.  Do.  Do touch my ears Beel.

B-  See buddy.  You always like it once we get past the ticklish part.  Look, I've got to get back to the lodge and get back to work.  I'll try to get out here a little more often to talk, okay?

R-  Okay Beel.

R-  Beel?

B-  Yeah?

R-  Shoe gar kyoob.

1 comment:

  1. Want to really make Ranger happy? Shoe gar kyoob and ear rubs AT THE SAME TIME!


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