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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wait, What?

B-  What's that Juanita?  You say when you fed this evening, your two horses would let you brush out their tails, but Ranger would run off?  We can't have that.  I'll go work with him right now while he's still eating.

B-  Hiya, Ranger.

R-  Hello Beel.

B-  What'cha doing, buddy?

R-  Eating.

B-  Well, as long as you are just standing there, I'll brush the tangles out of your tail and...

R-  No Beel.  I will walk away from the food.

B-  And I will follow you and still brush your tail.

R-  I will walk more far.

B-  And I will keep walking behind you brushing.

R-  You are not stopping.

B-  Nope. And you are not eating.

R-  I will eat while you pull my tail Beel.  But I will not be happy.

B-  Don't much care, Ranger.  Your tail will look nice and swat flies better.  Oh look!  The nice folks that rented the cabin next door are bringing their little kids over to visit.

B-  How old is he?  Just under two?  Cute kid!

B-  Oh!  He said "White Horsey" and looked at Washoe.  Yes, he is a white horse.

B-  Ah, now he is looking at Jesse and saying "White horsey" again.  Yes, she is a white horse, too.

B-  HA HA HA!  "Donkey!"  He said "Donkey"!  Ranger, did you hear what he called you?  HEE HE HEE!

R-  Beel he was looking at you.

B- HA HA HA!  Uhh...ah...wait...

R-  Stop braying Beel.  And stop pulling my tail.

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  1. LOL. Oh thanks for the giggle snort. I needed that. Sure miss all of you guys, even the donkeys.


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