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Monday, September 29, 2014

Skeeter's First Ride

I've been lax in keeping up with the blog.  We've been pretty busy here at the lodge, and when we do get away, we have way too much fun playing with the 'grandhorses'.

Last week we spent about 1 1/2 hours at GunDiva's place, continuing with 'training'.  She was delayed at a funeral, so Bill and I just entertained ourselves -at her horses' expense, of course.  After spending time grooming, I started re-braiding Copper's mane.
Copper likes to sleep while I braid.

Bill was leading Skeeter around and somehow ended up on the tub/mounting block.  I turned around in time to see him sitting on Skeeter.  When I asked him why he decided to get on her, he said she made the decision.  As he swung his leg up to rest on her back, she took a step sideways and he could either fall between her and the tub, or just slide on - obvious choice there.
She took five or six steps backwards and stopped.
Bill only had the lead rope so he just sat there waiting to see what she would do; she just stayed calm and thought things through, so Bill stayed put.  He had just about decided to get down when Skeeter relaxed so he tied up the other end of the lead rope to use as reins, and did some flexion exercises with her head, getting her to turn her head from side to side until she actually turned around in a circle in both directions.

 Finally he sort of encouraged her to take a couple of forward steps.
Soon she was moving around at a nice walk like this was a normal thing.  Check out the video clip on GunDiva's blog.  The next time she stopped, Bill slid off with a 'job well done' pat.  The only sad part was GunDiva not being there to see it; it was totally unplanned!

When GunDiva did arrive, she tossed the saddle on again, just for practice - and Bill had to give her a new hairdo.
When the saddle came off Skeeter, it seemed only natural to toss the pad on Copper, who had stood patiently by while all this was happening.
Copper was a tad apprehensive when Bill approached with the pad, but after a couple of rubdowns and sliding it on his back, it was no big deal.  Soon he was walking all over the pen - being careful to not let it fall off.

They are such good horses!
Bionic Cowgirl


  1. They are definitely good horses!! You guys sure know how to pick them. :D

  2. I am adamant about not teaching the horses "stupid circus tricks" (<- heavily edited language), which of course brings out the ornery in Bill, so he HAD to tie her forelock up in a circus plume. I warned Skeeter the first week she was home not to let Bill do shit like that to her, but did she listen to me? Nooooo. Now she just rolls her eyes at Bill, lets out a heavy sigh (wait ... I might be the one heavy sighing and eye rolling) and lets him do this to her!

    Achieve - I wish we could take credit for picking the horses. The most definitely picked US. It's an incredible thing to see/feel when a horse decides you're their human.

  3. LOL. A wonderful progress report! Of course, I have to snort giggle at GunDiva's comment because I set her off on Facebook and she went off on "stupid circus tricks" also. Love the plume. It's so Barnum and Bailey.


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