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Saturday, September 27, 2014


B-  Ranger, that was quite a day you had yesterday, wasn't it?  It was still really dark when I climbed into your corral to catch you.  I was kind of surprised when  we heard something crashing around by the stream and all three of you horses just about ran me down.  What was down there, anyway?  Moose?  Elk?  Deer?  Bear?  You all left in a hurry!

R-  Monster.  There was a monster by the water Beel.

B-  Well, you were more than happy to let me catch you after that.  We trailered you down to Denver and you got interviewed for a morning news show.

(Click for Ranger's interview)

B-  So, Ranger.  How'd  you like being on television?

R-  Beel I standed in the rolling shed behind the stinky truck.  Then I standed on a par king lot.  Then I was on a very little grass field.  I was never on a tell a vision.
Getting a little grooming with the mane brush.

A neighbor dog out for his morning walk stopped by for his first visit with a horse.  He was very well mannered!

B-  Sure were buddy.  Do you remember the camera and microphone?
R - "I got a little bored waiting."

R-  I did not stand on them either.

B-  Yes, I mean no... but...  never mind.
Best buds.  "Tessa helped keep me company."

R-  I did see many very nice peoples that gave me nice head rubs.  But I wanted to eat the grass.

B-  You were very patient with them.
Mic check.

R-  They talked a lot.
Anticipation .....

B-  That is part of the interviewing process, Ranger.  They ask, we answer.
LIVE - and on the air!

R-  She sayed some crazy things.

B-  Yeah.  I noticed the only time you spoke up was when she told me "You tamed this horse, this was a BLM horse, a wild mustang".  Then you snorted.

R-  Yes Beel.  Crazy things.  "Tamed"... snort.   And you sayed mean things.  You sayed my tongue weighs more than my brain.

B-  But, that's true.  It does.

R-  But my heart weighs even more than my brain AND tongue.

B-  Well, that's true too.  And it may be a more important thing, at that.  I suspect that's why your folks will work with us and let us sit on your backs in the first place.

R-  We let you because you are part of our herd.
The rock star!

R- And oats.  You have oats.


  1. Ranger, you are a very wise horse.

    1. People usually call ME a smart donkey, or burro or something like that.


  2. My mustang always gets called a mule, fitting though as he is stubborn and smart.

    Congrats Ranger on becoming a tV 'star'. Soon they will be filming your reality show.

    Btw: I couldn't get the link to work. :-)

    1. Try this one:

  3. It's so true about wearing a helmet, Ranger. Remember when I took not one but TWO dives off of Swish this summer during the same ride? I never dreamed that I would need a helmet & it's a long way down from way up on top of him. Thank you for a most comfortable ride ending. You are a good boy & I hope that we get to meet again!

  4. Ranger, I heard that woman refer to you as "she". Umm, She clearly doesn't see the Most Handsome Fire Breathing Dragon that I do. Congrats on your celebrity!


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