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Monday, August 31, 2009

Fat and Happy

We just took a run over to Camp Dick to re-check a parking spot for our horse trailer for tomorrow's BIG ride. We are all so excited we can hardly stay put. We are going to cross Pony Pass, between Allenspark and Camp Dick. I am guessing it should take about six hours. Our guide has hiked this trail twice and will be riding one of my grays. We stopped by her shop today and all of her employees asked about the ride and said how excited she was - and why couldn't they go, too? Well, someone has to run the shop when the boss is out playing!

After checking out the route again, we went on up Hwy 72 to where the ranch horses are summer pastured. I guess I have to quit complaining about weight issues with Jesse. Every one of the five currently there make my mare look pretty svelt and trim. Blue-eyed Doc has turned into a real beauty and lover. He came right over when called and snuggled with Bill and I, both. Last time I was in an open pasture with him, almost two years ago, he was so full of testosterone he was trying to herd me away from the mares! He has since been gelded and turned into the sweetest young gentleman. Paint and Peanut are their normal, pudgy, happy selves. I think the other two were Cannon and Brownie. I'm not used to seeing Brownie fat and Cannon has Estes' distinguishing crescent-shaped star on his forehead, although you have to be near him to see it. He's a gorgeous bay color like his grandma, but a good 2 - 3 hands taller and built like his Percheron daddy. What a looker...and what a pleasant surprise to get to see and touch part of "our old herd". Just as we were leaving, they all took off at a gallop for back parts in the trees. It was like they had come down to the fence to wait for us, even though we didn't know we were going to visit them.



  1. I have heard that Julie Goodnight calls gelding "brain surgery".

  2. Little lower than the brain, Bill ;) And probably not really a gentleMAN either :)


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