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Monday, August 17, 2009

Photo Opps (Oops?)

Last week I bought a nice shiny new bottom of the line digital camera to toss in my saddlebag. That way I will always have a camera with me on our rides.

Today, we went for a ride up to Calypso Cascades and had a picnic. The river was running very well for this time of year, and all of the falls along the whole ride looked amazing. We passed a group of hikers wearing "traditional Amish" garb, but the kids were wearing brightly colored "Crocks" on their feet. At the very end of the ride, we stopped to water the horses at the river crossing, and there were two deer drinking 20 feet away from some VERY surprised looking fly fisherman.

I've got to remember to put that damn camera INTO the saddlebag.



  1. Damn. That's something I would do - wait, I have done it. Just be sure to put it (the camera) in a plastic bag for the times when you get caught in the rain.

  2. Great idea Guns! It's in one now!


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