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Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Day of Treats

We had a group of croppers in for the weekend, which meant we had collected some "leftovers" for the horses.  We save the apple peelings and leftover homemade bread crusts for them.  They get laid on the griddle until about spoiling your pets.  Who else would make dried fruit treats for their horses?  While the horses are away at winter pasture we just save them up until we go for a visit, then have a treat day.  Now we have to make sure we have enough for eight horses, though, instead of just three.  (Can't leave anyone out!)

Ranger nicely waiting.
 Cannon, back left, and Brownie finally get something...and Peanut waiting for more.

We toss treats on the ground, to keep from getting too crowded.  This is Cannon, Estes' grandson.  Notice the distinctive crescent on the forehead.  With Meeker as a mom and a Percheron for a dad, this guy is rock-solid, and drop-dead gorgeous.

Sorry, guys, all gone.  Jesse drops her head, looking for more on the ground.  Ranger believes he will get one more by saying, "pretty please."  Doc and Dutch got treats, too, but avoided the camera.

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  1. Wow, Cannon is the spittin' image of his grandma - just a whole lot bigger!

    You'll have to visit the fat pasture soon so I can see pics of my baby girl.


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