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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving week visit 2009

This is vacation week for some of our grandkids, due to Thanksgiving, so the younger ones spent the Sunday night with grandma and grandpa at the Lodge.  We needed to go to town Monday for weekly supplies; of course, that meant stopping by the horses.  It was sunny and quite breezy, so it was a very playful herd that raced down the hill to greet us when they recognized our car.  This time it was Jesse in the lead, Washoe close behind and Peanut dead last, with the other five stretched out in the middle.  They came to a dividing fence and screeched to a halt, until Peanut turned the corner and ran along the fence to the open gate.  Peanut seems to have the best “fence smarts” of the herd, always knowing where the gates are.

The race was on again as soon as the whole herd was through the gate.  What a sight this was for the grandkids, who had never been in the open field with us when the horses came a-greetin’.  They gathered ‘round the four of us, nosing our pockets and asking for goodies – which we had not brought this time.  Well, if we didn’t have treats, the least we could do was play.  Ida’s youngsters, Doc and Cannon, started chasing each other; bucking and kicking and leaping in the air.  Soon the others joined in, until they got too close to us and the kids, then the grays would place themselves between us and the frolicking others.  It was interesting to watch the protectiveness they displayed; getting touching-close to one of us, in a stance, then flicking an ear in warning at whoever came too close.

Ranger really displayed a fondness for our youngest grandson, staying close to him and prodding him gently with his nose – not Ranger-like behavior at all!  When we started walking back towards the car, each gray planted themselves beside a child and walked all the way back with us, the rest of the herd following.  Of all days to not have a camera, but Bill had a picture that was drawn by our middle granddaughter just with this in mind.

Notice Meeker Mt. and Long's Peak in the background.  Can you spot Ranger?

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  1. Hmmm...maybe back to tack lessons for little Missy. Haven't seen any halters with reins coming out of the TOP of the halter. Cute picture otherwise and when are you going to learn to keep your camera with you AT ALL TIMES? You both have cute little cameras should use them.


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