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Monday, November 2, 2009

Last Ride of the Season for Grandkids

Yesterday was great weather-wise - compared to the two previous snow days!  It was sunny and almost warm, at about 43 degrees.  The youngest set of grandkids came up and we gathered the horses for a short ride around town.  It was too mucky to head up into the forest, but we could do town.  Unfortunately, we could only do a short ride, as there was too much ice still on parts of the road.  The horses were exuberant about being out of the corral and graciously went around several corners multiple times.  It was short, but fun.

While we were out we met one of the neighbors and her dog, Yoda.  Ranger got a special kiss from Yoda.

The real reason we had the horses out was for end of season worming.  We really wanted to get the last dose of wormer in them before turning them loose for the winter, and we always like to keep them a day or two after that to make sure there won't be any colic instances.  We've never had any problems, but with horses, it pays to be extra careful.  They all did great "taking their medication"  so to speak.

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