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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Last Ride 2009

Well, it's time - time to take the horses to winter pasture - and a last ride.  Hall Ranch Open Space was the chosen location again and the weather was beautiful.  I snagged Thomas to ride Washoe, Bill on Ranger and I on Jesse.  Bill and I chose to end the summer bareback.

As we rode along, the horses noticed something in the brush.  Closer inspection revealed a small herd of deer, feeding on the brush. The horses also spotted lots of hikers and bicycle riders on other trails; it was a great day for being out.  Quite uneventful, thanks to well-trained horses.

Next, the ride to the pasture, 

remembering old friends in neighboring fields,

and.....FREE at last!  Have a great winter, partners of ours!  


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