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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Another Snowy Weekend

 We still haven't been able to get down the mountain to see our horses.  With all the snow in the last week, we just don't feel up to trudging.

 We did finally have our "icicle meet the ground" yesterday for the first time this winter.

   Or maybe the snow pile on the ground reached up to the icicle.

Day before yesterday we ran to the bank In Estes Park and saw one of the local herds of elk cruising out by the highway.  At least they weren't hanging out in the McDonald's parking lot.

I hardly ever pull over and take pictures of elk anymore.  Never seem to have the camera around when I see them.

Of course, we see so many of them it would be like taking pictures of neighbor kids playing in the road. No, that's not quite right.  We have more elk than neighbor kids.


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  1. LOL. And to think I was so darn excited to take pictures of a herd of elk that I stumbled down an embankment, lost my lens cap, then drove 20 miles down the road to feed them upclose at a game park. Stupid chick, stupid chick...

    (at least I could have saved my lens cap!)

    Any word yet on a possible bloggy getaway???????? :)


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