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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tack is done; where's spring?

In case you all haven't heard, we got another 14" of snow yesterday.  So much for going to look for horses; that's just too deep to traipse very far in in winter-couch-potato condition.  I took it upon myself to finish the tack cleaning since there were still 2 saddles and 2 bridles to go.  I plunked "The Mask of Zorro" into the VCR, spread out a sheet, and tore apart saddles.  We are trying a new product this year, Leather CPR, and it doesn't seem to have any odor.  That's great because I could work on the gear even though we had guests in the Lodge, but I sure do miss the normal smells of leather cleaning.  It worked pretty well on most of the gear, but my Jesse really sweats, so I had to pull out the old bar of saddle soap for her stuff.  That's all I've found that just cuts right through dried on sweat, then a good layer of leather conditioner.  It sure feels great to have all the gear ready to go, including clean halters and cinches.  I did discover I need a new cinch for Jesse; hers is falling apart so I am on the hunt for something she will like that doesn't pull hairs.  I don't need non-slip because her saddle goes nowhere when on her back, but the last string one I used seem to pull her very thick belly hairs.  I may try a felt one.   Ahhhhh.  It's so fun to dream of horse shopping.

I've also decided to try a garlic/salt block this year.  Garlic is supposed to be good for fly and tick control.  We use fly predators in the corral and have been extremely pleased with the results.  However, that leaves our guys really vulnerable when on the trail.  Also, we have noticed a bad tick infestation this year where the horses are, so I want something they can self-medicate with if they want.  I have asked one of the ranch stores to try to order one for us, so wish me luck.  I really don't want to pay shipping to have one shipped to us.  I have also had great luck with apple-cider vinegar for keeping the little black face flies away from them.  I just mix some in water and dump it on their hay every morning.  Within a week or so, no more pestering flies around their eyes or noses.  I hope the garlic will work as well.  I would really rather do other things with the horses than pick ticks!


  1. So does that mean you cleaned my saddle, too? When I left on Sunday, you'd cleaned Washoe's and were getting ready to clean Jesse's. That doesn't leave a whole lot of other saddles to clean.

  2. Yes, I cleaned the one you use and the one I use for the kids. They both sparkle now and really needed the moisture. Bill oiled his when I was doing Jesse's, so all that's left is to get the pads down to the car wash, but want to wait until warmer days so they will dry quickly. It's already snowing up here again today.


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