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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tick'n Me Off

We hiked back and found the horses yesterday.  Went back into our starting meadow about a mile and a half back in and saw the horses another 3/4 of a mile off.  Fortunately, they saw us and came a running right over to us.

  The last time we got our hands on them, we noticed they were collecting ticks.  Yecch.  So this time we brought down some tick drops to chase away the bugs.  None of them like the smell.  Ticks OR horses.

 I told my horse I must really like him.
This bug was about the size of my thumbnail,
And hanging out on a spot I wouldn't touch on any other friend I have.

            Ranger was none too impressed.



  1. Ticks are the one bug that really pisses me off. Scorpions, I'll take outside. Spiders, I'll leave alone unless the fam has a problem with 'em. Flies, I'll shoo out the window. Ticks, GROSS ME OUT!!KILL KILL, KILL!!! Nasty critters.

  2. I meant to get a picture of the thing crawling on my hand to give people an idea of its size, but I suddenly had to squish the thing to a paste.I like being higher on the food chain than anything that takes up residence on me.

  3. Okaaaay - may I be the first to congratulate you for joining Mr. Daddy's "post your wife's butt on your blog" club.

    Sorry... had to.

    I am so glad we don't live in tick country!

    But we can't wait to try to visit though!!!

  4. I suppose I should say something about her wearing a fanny pack when we hike, and keeping a coat tied around her waist. Nah.

    We don't have ticks to speak of up here, but 3000 feet lower, where we winter the horses... YECCH.

    Hope y'all can make it, it should be fun to meet some of these folks, and interesting to meet the rest!

  5. That is SOOO my mother with the fanny pack and coat around her backside :)

    I'm not even kidding... we've been looking into flights (because we have to be back in the PNW for meetings bright and early on the 23rd). And let's hope we'd be Fun AND Interesting to meet... I have a feeling your family is!

  6. Hi Rachel,
    Don't I put on a good style show when hiking? It's just a lot easier for me to maneuver with a fanny pack than a backpack, like Bill does. I don't even give it a thought when I toss my coat over the top and tie the sleeves. Obviously, I should, considering my husband's penchant for 'photo ops'!

    And yes, we do have ticks at this altitude, but not around the Lodge. It we rode into the National Forest there would be plenty, but Bill doesn't do much of the tick-picking; I do. I don't think we have ever had a problem with guests and ticks, so don't worry.

    Am so glad to hear you might be able to make it this summer. We should have a blast. I am soooo excited! Has boy-child been on a horse yet? My Jesse mare believes in starting them about 18 mo. I'm sure she would love to give him an around-the-block stroll - of course, only with Mom's approval.

  7. Oh Juanita - I was wondering when you'd hop onboard to defend yourself (I well know the perils of a man with a camera!)

    I dress for comfort and ease when I'm out... and a fanny pack would be COMFORT and EASE for me! :)

    Itty Bit has been on Kona a bunch of times... last fall it was his first time in the saddle all by himself (with mommy next to him, leadrope in hand). He adores horses and hasn't had a negative experience. I hope he can love them without being afraid of them - while being smart! Something I still struggle with.

    I am so excited that you guys have opened up your lodge for families that weekend... it's so beautiful in the pictures and I was rather mourning the fact that we couldn't bring Itty Bit, haha.

    We are scouting out flights since we have to be home by the wee hours of the 23rd... but I can't wait!


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