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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


GunDiva's horse, Estes, has been having a bit of a time with her back lately.  Last time I took her out, she didn't like doing downhill and just felt 'off' to me, so I called my equine chiropractor, Dr. Dave Siemens, for a check-up.  I was not expecting him to answer his cell as he is out of town (country, etc.) a lot, so imagine my surprise when he answered and said he'd love to come up to the Lodge.  It seems he was laying a laminate floor and thought a break would be just right.  Needless to say, he appears at the Lodge at 9:00....P.M. none the less.

The Livery across the street was gracious enough to let us use their front load-up area, which had a good light so Dr. Dave could actually see the horse.  He also gave an impromptu chiropractic class to the available wranglers and we all had a great time, giggling and laughing over his jokes and antics.  Estes was a jewel of a patient and only raised her eyebrows at the sight of Dr. Dave's infamous blue barrel.  There were lots of sighs as she felt better, but as many came from the observers as from horse.

An added plus was that I could discuss with him in person, about presenting at our EquiBlogger Retreat, High Country Rendevous, on August 21.  He will be a wonderful addition to our fun weekend, and a great opportunity to pick the brain of a super horse lover and care giver.  And Estes?  She is feeling much better and we will be looking at our saddles to see if one fits her better.  Dr. Dave is coming back this weekend to help with that.

Happy riding,


  1. Guess my book better sell so I can buy a new saddle. Until then, EquiBloggers, you'll see me riding bareback the rest of the summer.

    My heart's not broken about riding bareback, though :)

  2. I told Dr. Dave you rode bareback more than half the time; he said bareback is good!


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