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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Trip Advisor Review for Allenspark Lodge

 Our lodge just got this review on and I need some advice on my potential response...


The Allenspark Lodge is an authentic wooden beam lodge with plenty of character. The owners are extremely friendly and nice. But be aware that the place has the feeling of staying with family which comes with "Game rules" and therefore we felt there was little flexibility. The customer is always right doesn't seem to apply. Breakfast is at 9 - no exceptions, so if your a hiker and want an early start this is not the place for you. However, breakfast is homemade and lovely.
Though in a small town, it is not remote or secluded. The room we stayed in (Mom's room) was very small and due to the overhang outside the window, only provided a view of the tarmac road outside. For the first time in a B&B I noticed the Linens, which were poor, especially the towels.
The Lodge being made of wooden beams carries the sound far and loud. We could hear all conversations in the reception downstairs.

This is Bill Martin from the Allenspark Lodge B&B.  I rarely respond to anonymous postings, because 40 years ago, my Texan grandpa told me "You should never get into a spitting match if you are the only one wearing a blindfold".  I think he was talking about anonymous phone calls at the time, but it still applies.  However, marketing folks say we should respond, so I'll give it a whirl.

  The reason the place has the feel of staying in someones home is because it IS our home.  We have a bedroom upstairs and share the rest of our home with everyone else.  We start off with a tour of our home with information like: Please don't feed the dog (twenty "just one" chocolate chip cookies a day would kill her),  don't let the dog in your room (we have some guests with dog allergies, and they need a safe haven), don't let the dog out (we live in a leash-law county), etc.

  Breakfast is served at 9:am on weekends, and 8:am on weekdays, family style.  We ring a brass bell and everyone comes down and eats all at once and it's great fun!  We will pack a bag breakfast for hikers if they are leaving early, but they need to tell us (Juanita is frighteningly good at reading MY mind, but I am dismal at guessing what others are thinking).

  Our lodge is located at "184 Main Street" in Allenspark, CO.  That is in town.  Less than 500 people, but a town.  I wonder if I could talk everyone else into leaving?

   The roof was added over the deck 60 or so years ago.  One of the daughters of the owner who put it up thinks that "Daddy put it there so we girls couldn't sun bathe so close to the road".  Don't know, I wasn't there.

  We have "Forest Green" and "Burgundy" towels.  If anybody knows where we can get reasonably priced towels that are NOT "Military Olive Drab" or "Rust Orange", please email me!.

  Sound does carry here.  That is why we don't take kids under 14.  Sorry.

   And lastly, I have a sign over the bar that says  "Notice To Our Guests-  It is our policy that the customer is always right.  If you are wrong, please leave now."  Sigh.  I thought it was funny,

Bill Martin, Allenspark Lodge B&B

Or maybe I should just say "Bla Bla Bla"

What do ya'll think?



  1. Bill, you really asked for it when you said, "what do ya'll think".

    First off I think that we can deduce that it is a couple.
    That being stated I think that we can safely say that it is the feminine half of said couple that is giving the review. (don't hate me for stating that)

    first off she talks about authenticity, and character.. Again don't hate on me, but that is usually more of a feminine concern. (guys just want a place to hang their hat and grab a beer).

    And who else but a gal would compliment the establishment, then warn you about family with "rules". And then fall back on the plural for support of lack of flexibility??? (A guy would of read your sign and said "That there is funny, I don't care who you are).....

    The part about the hiking and early start...Feminist Greener all the way dude....but not so hardcore that she didn't sleep in till 8:35 or so to catch the homemade and lovely breakfast....(a guy would of grabbed a power bar and went for it)

    The next paragraph threw me a little, as it is mostly a male gender concern about size and overhang....*snicker* but I quickly came back to the feminine idea, with the view statement...(what guy would care)LOL

    Now this is the part where she revealed her hair color, "For the first time in a B&B I noticed the linens" HELLO!!!!! what did she do? pirouettes, and spin dry???? would of loved to been a fly on the wall for that one.....ROFL (the only thing a guy would of cared about was if there was lace on them)

    As for the lodge being made of wood beams and sounds, tells me that she is a screamer and not a moaner. And a frustrated closet screamer at that.(a guy would of just threw back his head and howled at the moon)

    Just saying......

  2. Mr. Daddy - I love you! (Just don't tell Rachel.)

    From the famous Flo, you need to tell them to "kiss your grits!"

    Please, please don't tell me you allowed them to stay when the first words out of their mouths were "it's so quaint!", 'cause if you did, you know better.

  3. OK-

    I posted it pretty much as is. I added the the towels have no lace, because, it is, after all, a lodge. (Thanks Mr Daddy!)

  4. I can't believe that ANYONE would complain about your linens. They are ten times better than any hotel would dare carry! You should not allow snobs to stay with you.
    Also, I've been there. You are located in the middle of the mountains. There is a lot more to see from ANY window in that place than just the tarmac. If the eyes are adjusted slightly above that tarmac there are TREES and ROCKS and HORSES and MOUNTAINS and GREAT BIG BLUE SKY! Idiots! and they/he/she/it used the wrong 'your'. Feed 'em to the bears next time.

  5. Oh no way. I hate when people say stuff anonymously. Much better to see who you're spitting at.

    Second off... OH NO WAY.
    (Head palm) He did *not* just write that. Oh yes he did. Sorry.

    I am gonna have to put that man of mine in a time out!

    You need to help me out here... Mr. Daddy just needs a little shove to get onboard with COMING TO MEET YOU!

  6. Bill I think what you wrote was great! But then our sense of humor is generally looked at as kind of odd.
    Mr. Daddy, I think you hit the nail on the head with that one. Especially the bit about the sound travel... That's probably what the whole underlying problem was. She just needed to come up with other things to write about.


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