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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

CPR for Dummies

  Our daughter, "The GunDiva", in addition to her myriad other talents and jobs, is a certified CPR instructor.  She forces helps Juanita and I keep our "cards" current.  She also gives the classes and gets cards for the wranglers at the livery across the street.

  A couple weeks ago, GunDiva had given a class to the wranglers and Juanita and I, and had left the CPR dummies in our "Sun Room" to dry after cleaning.  We had a Dr. guest- a "hospitalist"(sp?) that saw the dummies and was delighted to hear that our daughter was coming back up in a couple of days and could give her a CPR class and re-up HER card.

  Class day comes, the Dr. passes her test (kind of surprising how good THAT made me feel).  While talking after the test, we heard one of our other guests, a very sweet older gal making gasping, choking sounds in the other room.  Juanita, I, GunDiva and the Doc all sort of scuttled sauntered in to hover over her like vultures stand near her, just waiting to pounce on help her if she got any worse.  "Pill went down the wrong pipe" she gasps, eyes watering.  Pills are small, and while very uncomfortable to inhale, will probably not completely cut off the air supply.  Rats.  Maybe next time.



  1. Your pic above is absolutely gorgeous. Just stopping in to say hello.

  2. Yeah, I have heard that, that hindlick maneuver is very effective....LOL

  3. Momma Fargo- Thanks. GunDiva took that shot of Juanita one fall about a mile from here. Stopped by your "Boogie Man" blog... WHAT FUN!

    Mr Daddy- Yep, I hear the shock causes a forceful exhalation. Just heard about a new one called the "noselick" maneuver, ever hear of it?



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