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Friday, August 20, 2010


If any of you Equi-Bloggers coming to the HCR happen to check this before leaving, think about bringing your download cables for your digital camera, (if that's on the list to bring).  Thought it would be fun to combine all our pictures into a single file for everyone.  Isn't the digital world great...and this from an anti-computer person.

EDIT POSTING 8/24----------------------------------

Man, this is one dorky posting to leave up for so long after that great visit from our bloggy friends.  Guess we ought to put up something else someday...


  1. Juanita,
    Now that just wouldn't be politically correct in this day and age, Now would it? LOL

  2. Mr. D - I spent 27 years in the computer business; I have EARNED the right to now be anti-computer. I live in the mountains and scrub rooms for a living - and highly enjoy it!

  3. We had such a fun time... and that "politically correct" husband of mine (I'm laughing hilariously right now), is coming next year if I have to spray myself with elk stuff.

    I hope you are recovering nicely from the whirlwind weekend of hosting all us crazy bloggers. We appreciated your hospitality, your cooking, your friendship! Can't wit till next year!


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