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Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's Here...The High Country Rendevous

Finally, and I am so excited to meet the other bloggers, and ride and eat and ride, and have Dr. Siemens show us how to fit saddles and why, and did I mention, ride?

Bill and I rode with Dave Siemens and a lady friend of his for 2-3 hours on Tues..  No saddle fit problems; we all rode on sheepskins and covered a lot of ground.  I haven't had time to download the pictures yet.  The weather was perfect and we had a super time.  I know you will all enjoy the information he has for us, but don't get him too wound up or you could have trouble with his Canadian accent!

Cheers, all.


  1. Take care of my Rach, and keep an eye out for my MIL too please. LOL they are both pretty special lady's...

    Hope you all have a great time. :o)

  2. I will do what I can to defend myself...

  3. Bummer! Sure wish I could be there. Sounds like so much fun. Maybe next year?

    I am looking forward to reading/seeing all about it.

    Be safe and have a great time :)



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