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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Focus on HCR

Last weekend we had several of "bloggers" come stay with us for the weekend here at the lodge.  "High Country Rendezvous" is what we called it, and it was a great deal of fun.  Many, MANY pictures were taken and shared at the end of the weekend.  I wanted to give everyone else a chance to post their own pictures on their blogs before stealing them for mine, so I will use only pictures I took on this post.

Sadly, my camera was having "issues" (don't you love that code word for horrible problems) and locked out of focus for huge numbers of pictures.

I'm not sure what was happening here, but it looks kind of cool if you click on it...

I believe a horse with a rider was drinking from a stream in this one.

Several horses and riders crossing the same stream.


I have absolutely no idea.

OK- I have to stop.  This is nauseating.  Will one of you with a good camera post some pictures please?



  1. It look's like you had a REALLY good time. LOL

  2. Bill, I had to check to make sure I had my contacts in.

  3. You made me spit my tea at my computer screen. Funny. Your place is absolutely beautiful. And so is your land. I can even tell that from those lovely pics. Very cool place. Can't wait to go next time.

  4. when I get over my vertigo, I will comment on this post......

    Just saying......

  5. Totally cracking up!

    Cuz the view was kinda similar with the whole altitude and whiplash from the headbanging horse, LOL ;)

    I love that I'm in those two shots and I somehow look skinnier in blur ;) And that last shot is Killlashandra - I'm guessing you couldn't get close enough to Raj's butt to photograph? ;)

    I finally have a post up - but had to go in order and finish up the Denver stuff. Next one would be a lot funnier if you wrote it... steal my photos please! I'll write too and we can link over :)

  6. I guess that whole altitude affects alcohol's potency thing IS true.

  7. okaaay... so why isn't my comment posting? And Mr. Daddy's is? Favoritism??? hee hee

  8. Diva has already *told* me we WILL make it for next years HCR. I'm already looking forward to it!!

  9. Okay now, more than a couple of you have alluded to the fuzzy pics as being booze related. How'd you know?

    And Rachel, I was still awake when Mr. Daddy posted, but all of our guests were in bed by 10:pm, so by 11:pm Juanita and I were headed for bed. Seven hours of sleep WOO!WOO!

    Momma Fargo, Mrs Mom... Looking forward to meeting y'all!


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