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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Estes' Take on Dressage

There's the piaffe, where the horse "dances" in place.  We call it the Estes Two-step.

There's passage, where the horse "dances" while moving.  We call it the Estes Parade March.

And then according to Bill there's the pissmeoff in which Estes has to be lead home.

**Disclaimer: the beautiful horse in the video is one I found on youtube.**



  1. Awesome! What a beautiful guy! He is doing well, yes?

  2. Holy smokes - I love that the horse does that at liberty! And even when the other horse pokes into their fun, he still pays attention. Just WOW.

    And yes, Kona does the piaff when she's anxious... funny how that works.

    Sounds like Monster handled Estes just fine! Though I'd love to see vid of her two-step and parade gait!

  3. Why is it I can relate to the last one the best?????

    Just saying.

  4. Actually, the film is just some random pretty-boy horse GunDiva found on u-tube or whatever. Does move something like her mare, Estes, though.

  5. At Liberty, even?! Love it!

    When ya gonna get Estes to do that, so we can oooh and ahh? hehe!



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