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Thursday, October 7, 2010

To My Friends at Ford

To my friends at Ford Motor Company-

 Thank you for making sure I have a truck I can keep FOREVER.   One of my previous ads can be found HERE.

My latest Craigslist ad as posted in the Dearborn Michigan area (home offices of Ford)-

As posted yesterday (sure to be flagged soon...)

2004 F350 flatbed 6.0 L diesel

Here's the deal.  I've been trying to sell this truck for a year now, but every time I take out my hand full of receipts to show the $12,000.00 in engine work done on the diesel engine, folks look at me like I sprouted a 2nd head, get back in their car, and drive away.  I finally grabbed one by the arm, and asked him why he was leaving.  He said "That's just not normal.  You shouldn't be putting that much into a diesel."  I told him "Ford says it's ok." and he slapped my hand away and drove off shouting "Then sell it to one of THEM!"  Great idea!  So I am posting it here in Denver and in Dearborn.

It's a 2004 F350 with 155K miles on it. It has a crewcab and a flatbed with a headache rack, heated leather power seats, a great radio/6 disc cd player, power windows/locks/mirrors, an automatic transmission, and a lot of new parts in the 6.0 L diesel engine.  Oil cooler/radiator/fuel distributor/about all of the fuel injectors/fuel pump (several times) and a BUNCH of other stuff.  The head hasn't warped yet, but I hear that's a'coming.

   I need $10K to pay off what's left on the re-finance for the repairs, and another $18K to buy another truck.  I have had a Ford truck parked in front of my house for the last 37 years.  Here is an opportunity for you to purchase the last Ford truck I will ever own!

Act now, it won't last long!  I promise!


  1. Oh no that's terrible! I don't even know what to say. Crossing my fingers and throwing salt over my shoulder for you.

  2. Yeeouch. Just as long as you don't try to send it home with us Bill.

    Good luck trying to find it a home ;)

  3. I was sure Killlashandra was going to talk about her being one of them DODGE people... but maybe she knew I'd come by and got skeered?

    So sorry for your yucky un-luck. We happen to love our Fords around here (I'm on my second one - after the first one sacrificed itself for me :)

    You know... Dawn Meehan rose to fame after a silly listing on eBay - you might get yourself some attention with that Craigslist posting! :)

  4. Man, I've heard nothing but horror stories about the Ford diesels, except the 7.0's from the early 2000s. As soon as I get some money (HAH! "soon") I am going to get a 7.0 liter diesel F-250, nothing else.

  5. OUCH!!!!! Not much to say about having truck trouble, no matter what the make.. Except that it BITES....Big time...

    And Ford definitely didn't make a winner with the 6.0...

    You would think that they would man up.....

    Just saying...

  6. Killlashandra- Not salt, a brick. But make sure you are standing in front of my truck.

    K.- The posting in Dearborn only made it about 10 hours before it got flagged. I guess it's okay if the jokes on us...

    Mrs Mom- You would probably need a flatbed and another truck to get there...

    Rachel, Funder and Mr. Daddy-

    I have a friend with the same year 1 ton truck but his is a Chevy. We used to have good-natured arguments over which truck was better. Darn. I REALLY hate losing.

  7. Curses...foiled again. And you didn't lose the argument, you were temporarily overcome by a lack of support by Ford. Even Chevy makes a boat anchor once in a while. Go get the 7.0L and be vindicated.

  8. K.- My friends truck had 140K miles on it when several of the injectors went bad at the same time. I laughed.

    The Chevy dealership told him "Oh, we have been having problems with this engine. We have extended the warranty to 200K miles." He laughed.

    At 144K miles my truck engine began falling apart. I cried. I talked to the Ford dealership. They told me "You should have bought the extended warranty".

    No, I should have bought a Chevy.


  9. Maybe the picks with the hood up and off the road thingy might hinder buyers...just a thought. I'd buy it for the heated leather seats. Woot, woot!

  10. Momma F- Only pictures I seem to get of that truck.
    I find that the heated seats just burn my @$$, too.

  11. I;ve had 2 of the 7.3, one 6.0, and now have a 6.4. I couldn't get rid of the 6.0 fast enough. The 6.4 is okay but nothing compared to the 7.3!


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