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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Snow #1

This morning we woke up to our first snow of the season.

We are horse sitting Compass's  horse Eli, who hails from Arizona.  I'm not sure but I think this may be his first snow.
                        I'm thinking he blames me for this mess.
Ah well, muddy and morose... he's a big boy.  He'll get over it.



  1. Poor, poor Eli.

    I'm sure it is all your fault, Bill.

  2. First snow? Already? Yeesh.

    He does look rather peeved at ya. I mean, I'm sure he would have preferred gobs and gobs of rain, right?

  3. Jeez. Seems kinda early this year. We're still in the mid 90's. Should cool off to the low 90's this weekend, though!

  4. I can never get my quad to show that kind of emotion....

    Just saying...

  5. GD- He seems pretty sure.

    Rachel- He doesn't act too thrilled with rain, either.

    Deejo- I really don't think we hit 90 this summer...

    Mr. Daddy- Good thing it doesn't 'cause that would make it a mope-edd.

  6. Oh, they look so down trodden and sad. Poor fellers. Beautiful snow, however. Ha! It's 75 degrees here. Sorry. Had to rub the salt in a little.

  7. Ooooh! Looks like Mrs. Mom's gonna get a little cold when she visits. hehe!
    Tell her to pack mittens and a scarf. ;)

    She and Eli can gripe and empathize about the snow together.



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