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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oops! Winter!

Yesterday brought some surprises.  It had rained most of the night; was 41 degrees when we opened the kitchen at 6:30 am.  By 7:00 the rain had turned to snow and guests started heading out right after breakfast to beat the roads.  Good thing Mrs. Mom and DH got out ahead of the storm; they might have decided to get 'snowed in', not that we would have minded.  We had such a great time with them and the BrownEyedCowGirls here this weekend.  By the way DH, we had 23 degrees and 5 new inches of snow by evening feeding time.  We could be in trouble again (from the local animal rights people) because our horses again have inches of snow on their backs, and ice dred-locks - but not a shiver among them.  In fact, they are doing the normal racing madly and slipping in the muck (somewhat like school kids in the season's first real snowfall).  They must be trying out their new feet!

Thanks again for working on our guys' feet-teaching us what to look for and how to start our trims.  Will be anxiously awaiting more lessons.  I went over the videos GunDiva did and was very happy to see how well some of them came out.  I was also delighted to see Meg and Jesse cavorting around the meadow in one of the videos.  It's so good for Jesse to learn that its OK to have fun at faster speeds.  I've kept her on such a tight rein when it comes to moving out, that I love to see her be able to experience the fun of it.  Thanks so much to both Meg and Mrs. Mom for 'exercising' my mustangs.  Any time any of you want to come back and ride, you may use them...and I can get pretty picky about who gets to take them out!

I can hardly wait for more stories to come out about the ride....HINT, HINT.


  1. Well, if they had so much fun with a winter ride... just wait until summertime!

    So glad you guys were able to get some good footwork in there!

  2. I was hoping to hear those videos would be a help to you. Glad they came out OK!

    More ride stories huh? Hmm... *giggle* we'll have to see what we can come up with!

    I told Dear Husband about the snow. He was heartbroken to have missed it! Ah well... I am sure he'll get the chance in the future to see more snow!

    Can't wait to see you guys all again!!!!

    Oh and Rachel was right-- she said we would miss the cooking up there and she was SO right!!!

  3. I can't believe you already have snow! I guess we're getting it at the higher altitudes now, too...but still! Looks like you all had a great time together--I love reading the stories so far. It's a real compliment to take new people out on the trails on horses they've never rode before and have them come back happy like that--it says A LOT about you and your horses!!

  4. Snow? Already? I'd be freaking out real bad because I have bread and cream of mushroom but no milk. And I'd also probably think it was the end of the world.

  5. Thanks for all the wonderful comments, you all. Today is bright, sunny, WINDY, 24 degrees -still. As soon as our artist group leaves, we are headed out for a load of hay; I think it's partly an excuse to go to warmer air for a few minutes!

    Oh, and C, when it gets cold enough, you don't bother adding milk to the soup...and you definitely need to learn to pitch that cream of mushroom stuff and go with cream of chicken.

  6. Boy I don't know, Juanita. Seems to me if someone set a steaming bowl of milk-n-fungus in front of me, I'd forget about the weather...


  7. I bet it was beautiful in the mountains! Quiet and peaceful. Ready for stories...


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