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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Arches National Park

On our way to the rodeo we opted to leave a day early and drive through Arches National Park. It turned into a bright, sunny day, but still very chilly, so the previous day’s snow was still in the Park when we got there. It made everything especially paradoxical, a study in contrasts, such as reddish hoodoos against a backdrop of steep, snow-covered mountains.

We decided a short hike was a necessity, after sitting in the car for several hours, so we headed to the North and South Windows.

Of course, being ‘mountain’ people, we decided to take the precipitous trail around the back side.
We had to practice our trail skills following cairns, but couldn’t help laughing at the ones growing antlers.

Along the way we had to practice our reading skills at the many signs. Notice all the footprints; obviously today’s hikers are not too literate.

Maybe that wasn’t the best decision, as we found Bill in the trail like this:

Gotcha! It’s just Bill being Bill!  Fortunately, Ranger wasn't here to see this.


  1. Usually if Bill ends up like that when Ranger's around, it's because Ranger had to tell him something more than once!

  2. LOL. Bill has been watching too many old westerns. Glad you guys had a good time!

  3. Only Bill... lol

    Looks like you guys had a great time!

  4. Is it time to apply for a med alert "I've fallen and I can't get up" or is he just taking a closer look at the cryptobiotic crust???

  5. Ha ha! That's a great picture. Looks like some beautiful sites.

  6. Hey, waitaminute!

    I can tell by his outfit that he is a cowboy!


    Oh Lordy - I can just picture Ranger's "will ya get up already man?" face...

    You guys have the greatest stories!

    By special request: the Freaky Friday incident where GunDiva and Juanita had a wee spat about partying??? hee hee

  7. It was a great trip (no pun intended) and this was only the beginning; still working on the rest between batches of cookies and guests! Imagine having to work at a time like this. GunDiva is going to do the honors of horse pictures taken before, in-between, and after the trips. It would take me too long.

    Mr. Daddy, I totally agree (as does Ranger) about Bill needing 'something'. LOL

    Linda, MF, Bobbie, Mrs. M - I had a horrible time deciding which pictures to use. That's my problem for the next blog, also, in Zion National Park.


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