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Friday, February 4, 2011

Chamber Pot?

When we bought the lodge a little over 13 years ago, we remodeled the old grocery store attached to it.  We now call it the "Sun Room" and use it for assorted conferences and craft groups.  Most of the time, these groups are "single sex" getaways-  scrapbooking groups, knitting groups, quilting groups (mostly women).  So with the two restrooms we had in there, quite often there would be a line to the ladies room, even with no other males on the premises.

We got cute.

                                      The signs say "Elk" and "Deer"

There are Males and females of each species, so the rest-rooms are now "unisex", right?

It's kind of fun watching people walk up to the restrooms, pause, scratch their heads, and then choose.  Oddly enough, about 90% of the time women choose "Deer", and 90% of the time, men choose "Elk".

If I flip the signs over...

                            They say "Goats" and "Sheep"

Almost 100% of women go to "Sheep" and almost 100% of the men go to "Goats".

The last couple days, we have had temperatures down to between -26 and -38, depending on which thermometer you believe. This morning the pipes in the walls of these restrooms have frozen and burst, so I had to shut the water off to them.

I think tomorrow I'll need to make up some new signs.

    "Grizzly" and "Polar", because until I get the pipes fixed, it's the woods for everyone.

I hate plumbing.



  1. Could it also be a Left/Right thing? It does seem like women's restrooms are usually on the right. But I must admit, I'd probably go into the deer versus the elk and the sheep vs th goat--they do kind of carry feminine and masculine qualities. I want to know what happens when you put up Grizzly and Polar--then I think it will definitely a left versus right issue because of those two, I'd choose Grizzly.

  2. That's funny. A nice touch, and it gives people something to talk about. At the office where I used to work, we sort of had a men's and a women's restroom, but because there were way more men in the office, it kind of turned into people using the small restroom without the window to do #1s and the big restroom with the window to do #2s.

  3. Ya know, I looked at those signs and kind of scratched my head too.

    ...and then I used the 'deer' one. LOL

    But I did take a look in the other one and figured it didn't really matter.

    That's a bummer you are still dealing with plumbing issues. Seems that has taken up a lot of your time this winter.

    Or is this just an excuse to hide from Juanita for an hour? ;-) (Just kidding, I know you wouldn't do that-giggles)

  4. You had me thoroughly puzzled on that one... I washed my hands in the deer one and decided to become a lawbreaker and poke my head into the elk one ;)

    As far as plumbing... you just have to laugh at it by this point, no?

  5. BECGm YES HE WOULD!! !LOL I hear she has quite the aim with that cane ;)

    (BTW, I used the ELK one ;) And THEN I looked at the signs!)

    Sounds like you are going to need to add a new title there for sure Bill- Plumber is a valuable service. Just think of how much you are saving this winter instead of being a worthless wimp of a metrosexual "man" by being able to Cowboy Up and do the job yourself!

    (Yeah. I know. Doesn't help much huh?)

  6. LOL. Love the bear signs. Hate frozen pipes. Yikes! Good luck. Cold here, too. You will surely be a Master Plumber by winter's end.


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