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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Guard Horse

I don't know what Jesse shooed out of the corral this time, but it was BIG!  Kyzzer and I were cleaning the ditch last night so the horses' water source would run better and I noticed a lot of hot wire  'popped' off the top rails, so I started walking the fence line and soon came to a broken spot in the fence.  We have a 4 ft. tall buck fence, so having the top rail missing is noticeable - when you look for it - it's down in the middle of the aspens where only the horses go...usually.  The top rail had been knocked off with great force and there were HUGE footprints imbedded in very deep mud.  I am guessing it was an elk, even though none have been spotted here recently.  Bill thinks it could have possibly even been a moose.  Whatever, its feet were bigger than Jesse's the bigfoot, and sunk a good eight inches into the mud at the creek edge there.  Don't know where or how it got into the corral, but it wasn't allowed to stay very long!!!


  1. Now that is a trick that I have not been able to teach my quad...LOL
    But I can shoot off of him...*snort*

  2. Just a note, Mr. Daddy, Jesse has been trained to shoot off of, too!

  3. I heart Jesse!

    And cracking up over your exchange with Mr. Daddy. He thinks he can survive on beef jerky and his quad...


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