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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

'Tis the Season

It's that time of year.  In mid May, we go from weekends only to full time here at the lodge, and we keep it up until mid October.  That puts Juanita and me at work 24/7 for about 5 months.  August 1st is the halfway point.  Hump month I guess.

Late July is when I start looking around the table at the guests while we are eating breakfast and ask "Don't you people have homes?"  On the odd day we do take off, we feed guests in the morning, clean up after they leave at 11:am and then check guests in at 3:pm the following day.  More like a shift change than a day off.

 This summer we do have "B.A." working for us.  She was sister "B" in Riding with the Guests, and she is really helping spread the work load.  So we have three of us working far too many hours.

But now, we are halfway to the off season (when we will only put in 80 hours a week).  And in a couple days we are having a group in, and we will mostly be horseback riding.  I can't wait!  That's time off while working!



  1. I wish I was getting paid to ride!! The rest sounds like work.

  2. Thought yall had been awfully quiet. Glad to hear it - being busy doing what you love* is the best!

    *ok maybe you don't love it TODAY, but you'll miss it in November! ;)

  3. Whew...sounds like an exhausting schedule. Here's hoping time flies by fast for you and you get to your not-as-busy-but-still-pretty-damn-busy off-season. Enjoy the trails next week.

  4. I am insanely jealous... I was the grateful recipient of that hard work last year and am so sad to be missing it this year!

  5. Every job has its up and down sides; fortunately ours has a lot more ups than downs! HCR2 starts tomorrow and we are sooooo psyched. We will miss some of you terribly...and we have a couple of newbies this year. Any time any of you can make it here, we will be glad to ride (weather permitting); and have mini HCRs. Will try to get lots of pics to post.


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