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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Howling Dogs

We have a contingency of "Brit's" in the lodge, and before breakfast (AFTER catching Jesse and putting her back in the corral) one of them was talking about the howling dogs that woke them up at 4:30 this morning.

"No" I said, "Those were coyotes."

Their eyes got big.

"I'm glad to hear them again.  It means the mountain lion across the highway has moved farther away." I told them.

""Now the coyotes can start eating the rabbits in our parking lot again."

Their smiles were as big as there eyes by now.

Welcome to the American West.



  1. Now that would be fun, to see the west from their eyes. I take those things for granted. Enjoy your guests!

  2. That gave me asmile this morning.

  3. You are so Bad!!
    We lived in the northwest corner of MT for 14ish yrs. Lot's of tourists, lot's of dumb questions. Whats that bird up there. The one with a fish. That, oh thats a MT. canary. Very rare. You should have seen the pages flying in the guild book. By the way that was Dale's smart ass remark not mine!

  4. Be glad you don't have Muleyotes. They are as bad as they sound! :)


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