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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Just a Walk in the Park

I went for a ride in the forest north of Allenspark last week.
And I have been slow in posting pictures.

Wife Juanita, our daughter Nebelle and her daughter Autobot were in attendance.

Nice ride.

The four of us spent an hour or two riding in the national forest.

Everyone was having fun.
Hang on... What's wrong with this picture?

 Yup.  The twelve year old granddaughter is riding Ranger, the fire breathing mustang
bareback and in just a halter.

Secrets out. "Diablo a Caballo" is really "Perro Grande".

Kinda embarrassing to let people know...



  1. I knew he had a soft spot!

    He'd probably look annoyed (as he's prone to do at appropriate times) if I dared to squeeze him... but gosh he's a great boy!

  2. Does my heart good to see that Beel.

    Cause according to my MIL, a horse is not "trained" unless you ride it fully tacked up all the time- no bareback BS, no just halter/ lead BS. (Her words, not mine. Seriously. Got told that the other day.)

    Imagine that would ya? Wonder what she'd think about a *gasp* MUSTANG doing exactly what supposedly can't be done!

    GO. RANGER. You rock.

    (And yes, Mrs Mom is a bit pissed off these days and feeling umm.. not all that nice.)

  3. Beel - it's Nebalee. One of these days you'll figure out how to spell your second favorite daughter's name right :)

    Poor Perro Grande, he can't keep up his fire breathing appearances if you keep telling all of his secrets.

  4. That is so cool!!! I hope BG turns out that good. I need a great trail horse right now. I love Juanita's hat band. Where did she get that??


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