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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bush Whacking ? or Ultimate Competitive Trail?

Bill told you about the llamas ... or llammers, as Ranger calls them.  Jesse and I had more fun with the "trail"; a trail that obviously had not been ridden since the last time we rode it, over a year ago.  A lot can happen to trails around here in a year's time, especially when a winter is included!  One of our favorite passtimes is the 'cleaning/clearing' of trails, so how fun it was to find one at the END of summer.
Just at the toe of my right boot, you will see the beginnings of a trail ... honest, it's there.
Less than 15 ft. along the trail and you can see how overgrown it has gotten; the aspen leaves were a magnificent color and I love the sound when they touch you as you.
Next, we practice weaving between trees, some of the spaces not much wider than a certain horse's plump behind.  (Are you listening, Mrs. Mom, if you think Luten has weight issues?)
A look ahead at the next obstacle (enlarge the pic by clicking on it, then describe what you see past my right shoulder) totally blocking the trail.  Upon closer inspection, it was obvious we could climb to our right and cross more deadfall ... or go left down a steep embankment into the dry creek bed, but I couldn't see what the terrain looked like to climb back out of the creek.   So......

... up and around we go, letting Jesse pick her own way.  Bill thought she was going to high-center herself in a couple of places, but I trust that horse implicitly in these situations - her balance and strength are remarkable.
After we were back down on the trail, I chanced a look over my shoulder.  Wow!
Bill and Ranger going the same way.   Bill actually admitted he had to grab a handful of mane; yep, the angle is right.  It was close to a 45 degree climb, but then these Mustangs think they are related to mountain goats, anyway.
Over the deadfall, and back down.  Easy as pie.  We did learn a thing or two from GunDiva a few years ago, though.  If you are going to ride bareback, DON'T polish your horse first.  When you come to things like this you cannot keep from sliding right off!
After "the tree", we descended down into the dry creek at the correct crossing and headed back up the opposite hill, just to encounter some really pokey stuff, which the horses stepped around and over with the finesse of their breed.  At one point we had to step through a grouping of four slimmer trees, laying across the trail, about a foot high and only about two feet between each.  Talk about working poles, these could easily break a leg if not done well.  I was disappointed my picture came out too blurry.  Probably because my hand was shaking thinking of a misstep, but I should know better.  These guys won't go somewhere they think is too dangerous to their welfare.
At the top of the trail, in the middle of the National Forest, is this cute cabin.  Boy, couldn't we all just live there for a time?  Just threw this in to make you drool.
Finally, back on the road to home.  Wait ...
We need to say good-bye to our new llama, llama friends.  Jesse would have walked right up and touched noses with this guy, but I was afraid she would then snort at him and he would retaliate by spitting back ... and I would be the end recipient of that spray!
Ranger to the rescue - scaring the nasty male, stud llama away.  Look at the llama's ears; he is very disgusted at that "other" llama that keeps appearing on the other side of the fence.  We do love your ears, Ranger.


  1. I love his ears too. It sounds like qite a nice ride. I really like the way that you can truly kow that your horses won't go somewhere they aren't comfortable going. That's what I call horse sense!
    I had a little Shetland cross that was like that too when I was little. He may have been a bit onery, but he was a smart little stinker.

  2. So gorgeous. I want to ride in the Aspens *pouty face*
    I LOVE rangers ears. If I ever get up there, I'm gonna have to wrestle Beel (lol) to ride that horse :)

  3. Woo hoo! It's beautiful there! Fall colors. You guys rock. Hard core trail riders, you.

    PS. The llama is my speed today. Except I don't spit.

  4. guess you got me one upped today....
    my quad don't have ears...:o(


  5. I do happen to love Ranger's ears too. Because he is just so gosh darn expressive with 'em!

    I am in awe of your horses... their instincts and abilities. I mean, I was quaking in my stirrups going up the shale on Timber... and that was not bareback like you!

    That angle is ridiculous... good job Ranger.

    And nice feet Jesse!

    I'm just completely jealous of you enjoying those aspens. Though to be honest, I don't think there is any season where they don't look beautiful. Miss you guys!

  6. Ranger has the cutest ears!

    You've totally inspired me - I'm going to go ride in the aspens Monday, before the first storm comes through midweek. My naked piggie might not like it but it's now or never.

  7. I love that trail! But I hate the road to get to it (and so does Queen Estes - it hurts her little feetsies).


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