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Thursday, November 24, 2011

. . . and Let the Feasting Begin

GunDiva and RCC ran the local turkey race today as a starter; we got up and put the turkey on and shoved all the casseroles in the oven that we prepped last night.  The day was much warmer and sunnier than expected, so we spent some time with the horses.  We'd saved some bread treats for them ... waiting for enough snow to be off the ground so we could toss them all over.  OK, so Ranger and Jesse got handouts from Beel; Estes and Washoe prefer the hunt and search method on the ground.  Even the neighbor dog got in on the act, but Thanksgiving is for everyone so she was allowed.
Bill carving the turkey.  Would you believe EVERYBODY forgot the camera!!!!
We packed up all the food and headed to my Mom's, to be joined by all but the youngest of our children (who is trying the trade-off routine with significant other's family).  It was a joy to see everyone together and we hope all of you had as wonderful a day.
Juanita and Bill


  1. Who needs a camera???? No one can take those memories from you....LOL

    and with Beel's mad Skilzzzzs as an arteeest!!!!

    Well need I say more.....:o)

    glad you had a wonderful day...

  2. LOL. Love the stick drawings. That says it all.


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