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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Last Official Ride of the Season - long

It isn't, really, for Bill and I, but we decided to do a regular 'end of season' ride with Gundiva before delivering Estes to fat pasture.  (Estes is doing very well since her bout with sand colic, but I just didn't want her to lose ground weight this winter.)  So ....

We have a special place we like to ride before dropping the horses off, and today was the perfect day for a ride there.  It's across the road from where our horses used to go for the winter.  Sunny, sunny, in the 40's, slight breeze - it just doesn't get better for us at this time of year.
Washoe, Estes, Jesse, Beel - yes, I opted for a saddle; elbow still isn't up to hauling myself up bareback.

Welcome to Hall Ranch, home of the mountain lion - and we think we spotted a track.  We headed off on the horse portion on the trails, with a gentle climb over rock.
... down into the gully with it's natural earth bridge ...

Shortly after this picture, Beel's camera decided to quit working.  While he was playing with it, Washoe decided to have a quick bite, and while trying to correct that Beel accidentally popped the battery compartment open, sending his camera batteries flying to the ground .  Oops!  Needless to say, Beel and Washoe had to have a bit of a discussion ...
Honest, Beel, I didn't steal any grass!  You should have seen the wad Beel pulled out of his mouth! 
In the background of this next picture, you can see the horses' old hangout.
OK, here's proof ... the hand holding the camera is attached to the 'formerly' broken elbow.  I don't have full strength (Bill had to heft my 45 lb. saddle) and not quite full range of motion, but pretty darn close.
By this time, Jesse had decided it was hot and started her shaking routine.  That horse starts at the nose and shakes all the way through her tail!!!  
... and then you stroll off like nothing happened.  You just gotta laugh.

All too soon, we had to head back...
Overlooking the bluffs we had come up ...
Low hanging branch, even for short horses and riders.  LOL
Stairs!  Well, not quite as impressive as the ones we did at HCR 2 ... but still considered a trail obstacle.
Ranger got the day off, mostly because we can only haul three at a time, and he is the only one that will stay home alone without causing trouble - like hollering for the other horses the WHOLE time they're gone.  And believe me, Beel did his share of complaining about having to ride a taller horse.  Notice his feet aren't dragging the ground..
We were even nice enough to share the trail.  We noticed two 'riders' coming up toward us, so we found a wide spot and pulled over to wait.  No one showed, so in a few minutes we called to them that it was OK to pass.  They called back that they had gotten off to wait, also, only they really got off.  Actually only one was riding; the second horse was bareback and was being led.  We didn't tease them too hard about the walking part after they noticed Beel and GD were bareback.  Later we passed a hiker sitting on the trail and as we approached the trail head, we waited on a mountain biker to pass.  It was just such a beautiful day to be out.
Coming back down towards the old ranch again.
Back at the vehicle ... the victory stretch.
Proper way to get off ? or just hanging out with your horse?
Now we had to load up and go a few more miles down the road to drop off Estes.  She was sure excited to see her herd.
From L-R:  Meeker (Estes' 1st daughter), Brownie in back, Digger (Meeker's daughter), Peanut, Baby Meeker (Meeker's last year foal), Audobon (Estes's second daughter), Doc, Andromeda (black in back, the full Friesien), and Dakota (Audobon's daughter)
This next picture is GunDiva's lotto winnings, should it ever happen.
Estes' grand-daughter, Dakota.
And Baby Meeker is already sold.  She has the cutest reverse star; it's black instead of white.  She's just a yearling and already taller than her mom, beside her.  Her Friesien dad is showing in those legs.  She gets to stay with the herd until April, when her new owner is in hopes of her being a good polo pony.  Watching her move today, I don't think there's much doubt she will do well.

It was a wonderful end-of-season ride.
Bionic Cowgirl, signing off.


  1. I do love that grand daughter of Estes'. *sigh* What a beauty she is. And she does make me look a little short - I didn't realize she was so big.

  2. Looks like a pretty good day:o) glad to hear that your arm is better...

    You almost make me wish that I would of pursued my cowboy career...LOL

  3. Absolutely beautiful pics and what a great day! So glad you got to enjoy a final ride. You are the super bionic cowgirl, alright!

    LOL at Washoe and the "talkin' to"

  4. Sounds like a PERFECT day to be out! Grinning at the "everybody waiting for eachother" game on the trail, ha ha!

    Glad your elbow is doing better Bionic Mom! And Beel... I can.not.believe you didn't bring Ranger. I mean... I never hear horses hollering for eachother. Oh wait... I never hear...

    hee hee! :)

  5. What polite riders you have there. Glad to see you are feeling better, and I hope to be back in the blogosphere again. I missed everyone.


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