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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Weekend Story

Last weekend (November 4th and 5th) I went to Sedona Arizona to watch my kid sister get married.
Love the Desert.

My Little Sister, Beth
The Cute Sibling

We interrupt this blog for a two day  power failure.  Now that the lights/heat/refrigeration are back on, we will continue with our regularly scheduled blog, at the point at which we left off. 


The bride, groom and mountain were all in white.

After the ceremony,  the bride and groom made there escape.
And yes, the bride is wearing hiking boots.

Which is just as well, with all the crypto-dirt and all.

Congratulations Beth and David!



  1. I thought it was awfully quiet. What a beautiful bride, boots and all!

  2. Congrats Beth and David! I wondered what you were doing down here, Beel :)
    PS - bet the power out was all kinds of fun. Ugh.

  3. Oh, Lord, more cryptobiotic dirt. Didja play in it this time, too?

    Great pictures of Beth :)

  4. Oh my! I hope you were able to stay someowhat warm and cozy during the outage. Doesn't sound like much fun, i do appreciate my creature comforts. I love the boots on the bride, funny stuff! Congrats to both!

  5. Very cool! And snow in jest. Must be photo shop. LOL

    Congrats to the cute sibling!

  6. Was wondering when you were going to head back to stock up on the Crypto stash.....

    congrats to the bride and groom...:o)


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