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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fine. I'll choose.

See, Juanita has the routine at feeding time.  No exceptions.  The horses line up at their bowls, and then the dishing out of bowl food starts.  Beet pulp covered with a handful of the supplement du jour.

When Washoe sees Juanita coming with the food, he runs, he bucks, he goes back to his bowl and waits.

When Jesse sees Juanita coming with the food, she pins her ears back to make sure Washoe stays away from HER bowl, and waits.

When Ranger sees Juanita coming with the food, he ambles.  Slowly and with great deliberation, he heads to HIS bowl.

The other horses get HUGELY FRUSTRATED by his lack of enthusiasm, as it forces them to wait FAR TOO LONG for their meal.

This morning, I was adding water to the tank and Ranger was watching me closely.  Juanita crossed the street with the food, and both other horses ran to their bowls.  Ranger stood about halfway between the water tank and the feeders, apparently undecided as to where he wanted to go first.  Jesse looked back from her bowl and saw Ranger just standing.  She left her bowl, got behind Ranger, dropped her head and PUSHED his @$$ over to his food bowl.

A member of my adoring public requested some art. (shadowlake, your check is in the mail)

Crisis solved.



  1. You forgot to mention that Ranger gets fed first, which is why the others get so frustrated with him. No one eats until the old man is served.

    Hmmm...sound familiar anyone?

  2. Priceless! But Beel---no descriptive cartoon?

  3. Love the artwork....much better to truly understand the situation! lol!



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